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Your Pre-Property Purchase Inspection Checklist

Purchasing a new home is an exhilarating experience, but it’s also a wide-open opportunity to end up with a home riddled with unforeseen problems. This is why building inspections are not a ‘nice to have’ but rather a necessity for homebuyers, especially first-time homeowners. The following is a brief overview of what a pre-property purchase […]

Home inspection tips for first home buyers

If you’re like most first-time house buyers, then you’re probably new to inspecting properties. Which means you’re unsure what you should be looking out for, and sometimes excitement can take over. But there’s no need to worry because here’s what you should look for in property inspections to ensure you don’t have substantial issues in […]

5 Steps in a Home Inspection Process

A new home is a significant investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why home inspectors play such a vital role in the decision to buy or pass on a prospective new home. Since home inspection is so important, it’s equally important to understand the process of home inspection from the inspector’s point of view […]

4 Ways Hiring Professional Property Inspectors Can Save You Time And Money

Whether you are considering a home inspection for a property you’re buying, or one you are having built, hiring professional property inspection is the smart step before completing any house purchasing or building project. This process can potentially unearth problems and help you estimate repairs before you hand over your hard earned cash. So, how […]

How to avoid a serious hidden defect? The steps to follow

A hidden defect is your worst nightmare when buying a home. However, septic installations are a frequent source of conflict and a problem of the most unpleasant to manage. Indeed, there are countless new buyers who find themselves with a non-compliant septic system, who must then take legal action against the previous owners and/or pay thousands of […]

Pre-Purchase Inspection in 5 Steps

Whether you are planning to buy a new or existing home, a pre-purchase inspection is a necessary check to ensure the condition of the property in question. This inspection may allow you to renegotiate the offer to purchase and even cancel it in some cases. This is great insurance that will comfort you in your […]

Preparing Your Home For Sale

So, you have decided to move on. It’s time to get your precious home prepared for sale.  Soon your “home” will no longer be yours. It is time to detach yourself from your house and think about what buyers will be looking for. First impressions last, and your property could be on a long list […]


Termites are pesky little critters that feed off wood – Plus they eat it from the inside out! They need food, moisture and warmth to survive. They move about in colonies and are divided into groups called ‘Castes’. Within this group there are different members who perform different roles. There is the Worker, Soldier, plus […]

Top 10 Things to Check for When Buying a House

There are so many exciting aspects of house hunting. The emotions can run high, especially if it is your first purchase – but don’t be too hasty in signing a contract… You may be too excited by the perfect price and location to overlook some potential problems with your dream home – MOULD: How does […]