Termites are pesky little critters that feed off wood – Plus they eat it from the inside out! They need food, moisture and warmth to survive. They move about in colonies and are divided into groups called ‘Castes’. Within this group there are different members who perform different roles. There is the Worker, Soldier, plus the King & Queen.

But how do you know if you have a Termite problem in your home? The first sign of a Termite issue is when you see swarms in your yard as they search in large groups for a new place to establish their colony. They will bore down into fresh turf and soil or into a wood structure, such as a garden box or fence to commence mating. The second sign is their excrement – which looks like thin little pellet strips, usually found around wood. The third sign of termites is the presence of mud tubes that you may find along your foundation, near pipes and or other access points to your home. These tubes are the thickness of a straw or pencil and look like dried dirt.

Termites can live in your home without any exterior signs of damage – They could be feeding away at your home’s foundation, furniture, walls and floor boards – But only a professional pest inspector will be able to assess the damage and work out the best solution to fix the problem and get rid of them for good!

Prevention is better than cure, so lets look at some ways in which you can help prevent termites in your home –

  • Ensure taps and pipes are in good working order and no leaks – as termites thrive on moisture.
  • Ensure air conditioning run off pipes are led away from the house and foundations.
  • Regularly clean out gutters and vents.
  • Remove any standing water in your yard or on your roof.
  • Don’t create garden boxes right up against your house.
  • Don’t use mulch in excess in your gardens as this creates a lovely moist environment for termites to nest.
  • Remove any unused stacks of firewood or any other wooden rubbish that may be sitting around your yard.
  • Eliminate any piles that may be sitting up against wooden fences.
  • If you have trees near your house, always make sure you collect debris that may fall down into your yard.

It is recommended that you do have a termite inspection by a professional every 12 months, though if you have seen any of the warning signs above it is best to contact us at your earliest convenience to book a thorough home inspection services in  Melbourne and ensure the integrity of your property structure.

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