Preparing Your Home For Sale

So, you have decided to move on. It’s time to get your precious home prepared for sale.  Soon your “home” will no longer be yours. It is time to detach yourself from your house and think about what buyers will be looking for. First impressions last, and your property could be on a long list for sale in your area. In this article we will talk about some tips for preparing your house to step foot on the selling market.


A good stiff clean

There is nothing worse than viewing a dirty dusty home. Give your house a good clean from top to bottom. Even ensuring walls are washed and skirtings are dusted, and please remove mould from the bathrooms! It is also advised to have your carpets cleaned to remove any unpleasant odours and stains. Wash your windows inside and out and consider renting a pressure cleaner to spray down the pathways and exterior of your house.

De-Personalise your home

Step outside your front door – Now pretend you are a potential buyer and walk back through your front door – Could you imagine anyone else other than yourself living in this house? Well we want the people viewing your home to be able to imagine them selves setting up home in this house.  Books, magazines and knickknacks should be packed away and stored elsewhere. Photo frame collages should also be stored. If you have blank walls, try to find some inexpensive neutral modern art or mirrors to fill the void and give a sense of space. A plant here and there is a nice touch and still gives a homely feel.


The most important area to de-clutter is the kitchen bench. As a kitchen is known as the “Heart of the Home” buyers will want to feel like they are getting the most amount of bench space for their money.  Put away the appliances, the cookbooks, the fruit bowls – Anything that is interrupting that feeling of space. In the lounge arrange your furniture to show the maximum amount of space for that room – even if that means storing a couch or two in the meanwhile. Within the smaller bedrooms you may like to swap double beds to single beds to emit the feeling of space. While in the master bedroom store away any extra pieces of un-necessary furniture – like bookcases, which can make a room feel busy and cluttered.

Book in a pest treatment

There’s no deal breaker like an infestation of cockroaches or spiders! Get rid of them now! Also, have your pest inspector find any potential termite issues before a potential buyer does. Prevention is always better than cure and it is always better to have any problems cleared up before your house goes on the market.


Outside Street Appeal

If your front yard doesn’t look neat tidy and clean, then a buyer is going to wonder if it is even worth looking inside! Mow your lawn, trim your hedges and bushes, weed the garden. Remove any cobwebs and tidy the front porch. Make the entrance to your house feel as inviting as possible.


Minor repairs

Patch up holes in walls, and repaint brightly coloured feature walls. Fix leaky taps and cracked tiles. Doors that don’t close properly and loose handles should be attended to. Any general maintenance items that can detract from the beauty of your house should be done.


And finally…


Book in your own building inspection

There’s nothing more off-putting to a buyer than having their contract building inspection done and finding problems that could have been fixed before the house went on the market in the first place. Not only does it worry the buyers and put all concerned in a stressful situation, it can make it look like the house has not been well maintained by the current owners, and possibly previous too.

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