Home inspection tips for first home buyers

If you’re like most first-time house buyers, then you’re probably new to inspecting properties. Which means you’re unsure what you should be looking out for, and sometimes excitement can take over. But there’s no need to worry because here’s what you should look for in property inspections to ensure you don’t have substantial issues in the future. 

What is a home inspection?

You may be wondering what a home inspection accurately is. If so, it’s a comprehensive examination of a property that’s for sale. An experienced and highly qualified building inspector will conduct a thorough exam for you and let you know of any issues. Home inspection services in Melbourne contain hundreds of points and items for checking so they can make a professional and adequately informed decision. 

While it’s crucial to have a professional property inspector asses the home, it’s also good to learn what you should be looking out for yourself. After all, you may be inspecting hundreds of properties until you fall in love. 

Check for water stains

You must check for any water stains on the walls and ceilings throughout the house because this usually means the home has issues with dampness. And when it comes to the wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms, you must check near showers, toilets and baths for any water leaks or moisture invasion. It’s not usually a structural problem, but it can be expensive to repair. Unfortunately, sometimes people can paint over these stains and issues, so you may miss them, which is why it’s critical to have a professional examine the property. 

Check For Mould

Mould is a must to look out for because it can be an indication there’s a bigger problem which often means it will be expensive to fix. Mould can get caused by plumbing issues, leaking rooftops, poor ventilation and dampness getting into the house. So remember to check for any mould stains in the bathrooms, kitchen, walls and window frames as well. 

Further to this, mould also creates health problems such as allergic reactions and respiratory issues which means it’s dangerous to have inset mould inside your home. 

Check for structural issues

If a property has any structural issues, this is usually the most expensive and challenging problem to repair. So keep a lookout for uneven floors, cracks in the walls, bricks and doors that don’t close properly. And when you’re outside looking at the roof check, it’s straight and without bends, swerves or deflections. 

Check the internal plaster

When you’re walking through the house, the plaster can easily get checked for cracks. Make sure to check for even the smallest and thinnest of cracks. Usually, plaster cracks happen from plastering that wasn’t correctly done at the time of construction. A bad plastering job can cause the plaster to keep cracking, and down the track, it can also become loose. This damage will cost a lot to fix and also cause problems when it comes to mounting things on the walls. 

These above issues are important to check when inspecting homes and while you may have found these yourself failure to invest in a professional home inspector is one of the biggest mistakes any first home buyer can make. 

Therefore, by investing initially in a building, it will stop you from incurring stress, nasty and substantial repairs, expenses, and even having to add to your mortgage in the future.

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